Tuesday 16 Sep 2014

Free Mental Health Supplement

Mental health nurses provide front line support to people with mental health issues.

Mental health is one of the most complex and demanding areas of nursing. A fundamental part of the role of the mental health nurse is to form a therapeutic relationship with the mental health patient, and their family.

It is therefore vital to have a good understanding of the theories of mental health and illness, and to be assisted with the most up to date information and research in order to aid recovery and promote independent living skills.

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In this Mental Health Supplement, British Journal of Nursing looks at key areas affecting Mental Health nursing.

These are just a few of the issues addressed in this supplement published by BJN:

  • How can patient dependency in child and adolescent mental health be measured?
  • What is the impact of mental health nurse prescribing?
  • Does mental health nurse prescribing actually have the proposed patient benefit?
  • What impact do parental mental health problems have on children and their needs?
  • Are children of parents diagnosed with disorders such as bipolar affective disorder and depression more likely to experience mental health problems themselves?
  • What is recovery within a mental health context?
  • What actions are required for a recovery-orientated mental health service?

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